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Every child deserves access to a quality EDUCATION

No Matter Where They Live

Not every child gets that experience

Especially here in Kansas City….

We bring students from different neighborhoods, ethnicities, and socio-economic levels to learn and thrive.

We want them to FLOURISH as people as well as students.



Student follow an individualized learning plan that promotes students to make significant growth intellectually and socially.


Students have daily classes in Bible and have weekly chapel times featuring various guest throughout the community.


Students participate in an immersive Fine & Performing Arts program that includes classes and performances.

Our vision is Big…

That people from all over the KC metro would join us in making sure that every child who comes through our doors has the same opportunities that children in other zip codes have. That every child is well- equipped to be come a flourishing adult.

That our city is transformed through better economic outcomes, improved physical and mental health, and a rich, thriving culture.

because every child is worth it